Cooking with Teaching

This week, my CEP 810 class had me complete a quickfire challenge. The purpose of this was to get a better understanding of TPACK and how it works in our classroom by finding a relationship with our quickfire. So, my husband chose three items from our kitchen that I had to then use to create a fruit salad. Luckily he just so happened to choose a grill spatula with a built in knife edge that allowed me to cut the fruit for my salad rather easy. The bowl also gave me a place to store the fruit in. You can check out the experience below!

With this activity, I thought about how I have many technologies for my classroom yet I am not necessarily using them for how it may be thought. While the grill spatula is not a typical tool to cut fruit for a salad, I was able to adapt and make it work for the time being. This is also true in the classroom. While I look for other technologies that I would love to have in my classroom one day, I need to make the best of what I currently have. I have tried this previously by doing group work since I only have four computers, but I have also tried to use rotation centers better. Dr. Punya Mishra’s TPACK is organized in a way that shows how we, as teachers, must embody all three areas. We cannot just be technologically smart with no pedagogical or content knowledge.  The three must be blended. Technology is not a tool to replace a teacher, but a means of aiding in the education of our students today.

One thought on “Cooking with Teaching

  1. Ben Rimes says:

    Nice work on the challenge, you certainly had some good tools for the task 🙂

    I like the way you connected the experience to how you’ve tried to find new ways to use the limited computers in your classroom. It’s important to continue to shift, make changes, and find new ways to make what you have work as the software shifts and students change attitude and/or ability. Having a flexible teacher, capable of using flexible methods, means you have a much better learning environment able to adapt to students.


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